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Yellow Gold Plating Option

Yellow Gold Plating Option

 Yellow Gold Plating Option

                             Sterling Silver Ring                   Antique Gold

 $25  to $50 extra 

We can provide 24K Yellow gold on any item we offer in our store.(except Necklaces & Bracelets due to the high cost of gold)

In our store some item are offered  with Yellow Gold Option.

      If no option is available online and you want it :

Contact us and we will set up the Yellow Gold options on the page of the item you want. sales@landeau.ca  OR Link below.

Rings - Pendants - Earrings - Brooches 

$ 25 for rings & up to $50 for pendants & Bracelets. We will provide you with a Gold plated chain on Sterling silver to match for pendants.


Request Gold plating: sales@landeau.ca