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How To Avoid Jewelry Scams

How To Avoid Jewelry Scams

How To Avoid Jewelry Scams

Get value for your dollars. You don't need to be a gem expert to know what is a fraudulent Gem. You just need to use common sense.  Landeau

            With Jewelry the price says a lot about the product !

                             You get what you pay for !Landeau

                 If you don't believe me, you will learn the hard way !

          You cannot sell Natural Gem jewelry for much less than $100

Tired of surfing the web looking for the best deal ?Landeau

Most times the best deal in buying jewelry is a bad deal.  In fact finding honest sellers is a big challenge today. Usually when the price is too good, the product or service is not !   Landeau

              How To Avoid Jewelry Scams 

Follow these 6 Tips and you will avoid 99% of Jewelry Scams Landeau

1-Many jewelry sellers will state Gem jewelry when in fact it is glass. With today's Technology they can make glass very attractive.  Landeau

2-When an item is less than $100 it's a red flag and when under $50 it is a guarantee not to be Natural Gemstone. Landeau

3- They play on words - They call man made stones Gems. Technically they are correct Gemologist also call them Gems. But  scammers forget to mention they are man made Gems / Fashion Jewelry. The only valuable man made Gems are Moissanite Diamonds - they sell for $1000 to $5000.

4-Consider this:  Landeau

The minimum real gemstone cost is about $60 *most are $80 - $300 US or more.   Landeau

The cost of a sterling silver ring setting is $30-$50 US Landeau

Also credit card fees & advertising to be added to the cost $15 Landeau

5- They use Auctions to deceive you - bid you up with private bidders

When items sell for less than $100 ( more like $30 ) the buyers believes they got a great deal. The scammer laughs all the way to the bank.

6- Avoid Problems with a Solid Guarantee & Resolution Centre

Update New Ways to Scam You        Landeau

Scammers now add in their description typical info used for Natural Gems such as Treatment - Clarity. What they do not included is what honest sellers include: Lab created/ Natural, all listings should have this option.If you do not see this in the description,it is a sure indication of a scam.Landeau


    Note: we sell man made jewelry but they are clearly identified as

                        Man made - Fashion Jewelry  Landeau 

          This Label is on all our Man Made Jewelry Listings





Most people believe that gemstones must cost thousands of dollars. In some cases this is true however,we are able to purchase attractive gems on the world market for much less in the range of $80 to $300. Hence why we can sell our jewelry for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.