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Jewelry Maintenance & Info

Jewelry Maintenance & Info







Anti Tarnish cloths work well - Can be used several times - Easy to use - Safe

These Anti-Tarnish Cloths are made from high quality cotton and contain a silver cleaner along with an Anti-Tarnish agent.


                    Ring Re-Sizing Solutions

Re-sizing rings with a torch

Most Jewelers use a High Temperature Tourch since gold requires 1200 deg
Why we don't Re-Size rings with torch heat or cold stretching !
When a ring is heated with a torch  it causes the gemstone prongs to loosen 
and causes Stones to fall out eventually. ( even if gems placed in water )
( one option that will not cause this problem is re-zing with a Laser - expensive )
Using a ring stretchers gives you the same result and a weakened Shank. 
Ring stretchers were designed for plain wedding bands.
That is why we recommend you buy the correct size or an
Adjustable ring which you can re-size easily as required.
We do resize Sterling silver rings without using torch heating.

Buy Adjustable Rings - Never worry about ring sizes again



Some people place glue inside the ring  or  (buy plastic or metal  inserts called Ring Guards - search Esslinger to purchase online