About Our Prices About Our Prices

About Our Prices

                  Retail Prices are Markdown by 30% to 50 %

      In addition to Markdowns we offer a Special VIP Discount

We offer a 25% Discount  ( Limited Time Offer )

Special limited time offer:

 Why we sell in US$

We establish our prices and sell in US$ since all our purchases are made

                   in US$. It is the International Business Currency     


Our prices are established depending on:

* Gem Type * Gem Quality * Gem Size * Gem Rareness * 

* Setting type ( silver or Gold or Rhodium) 

Rare Gems: Imperial Topaz - Tanzanite - Green - Yellow -Orange Sapphires

                               Pink & White Opals 



Why you pay so much less for Landeau Jewelry !

 Most people believe that gemstones must cost thousands of dollars. In some cases this is true however,we are able to purchase attractive gems on the world market for much less in the range of $80 to $300. Hence why we can sell our jewelry for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.

Buying direct from the Merchants of the world mines is our advantage.