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Buying Jewelry - Natural & Man Made Buying Jewelry - Natural & Man Made

Buying Jewelry - Natural & Man Made


What you should know about buying Online Gemstone

                            And  Man Made Jewelry 

You should know that man made stones are considered by Gemologist as Gems. They are the real deal, they are Gemstones and they are expensive to produce.

1- Moissanite Diamond   2- Lab Ceated Gemstone ( Lab Created )

1- Cubic Zirconia  2- Swaroski   3- Glass( Simulated  )

We use the term Natural Gem to identify a gem that originates from the mines VS a Simulated gem such as Cubic Zirconia. In our Fashion Jewelry Collection we offer man made Gems CZ but we also clearly identify them as such. ( Simulated - Man Made ) 

Fake Gems - Avoid being taken by dishonest online sellers

The Web is full of website selling glass or simulated gems as Gemstones.

They are only fake when not identified for what they are.

How to avoid buying dishonest Jewelry

1) Avoid the temptation of lower prices. Prices below $80 is a red flag and prices below $50 is a guarantee it is not Real Gems from the mines.

2) When offered Gem Jewelry :

they must identify the gems to be natural or man made. If they don't stay away because you're about to buy glass. Caution some will claim that they are Gems and they are really Glass.

Many use the term Gem without stating if it is man made or natural from the mines. Technically they are right but not honest.

There is nothing wrong with man made jewelry as long as they are  identified as such and the price is in line with the offering.

Gems that are not Natural - Man Made

1- Glass - technology today can produce some attractive glass stones * see example at bottom of page.

2- CZ Cubic Zirconia - these can be very attractive  but are still man made / simulated.

3- Lab Created Gems - are man made with the highest quality possible. They look natural, they have the same hardness as natural gems, in fact they have the same chemical make-up. That is why they are accepted by Gemologist as Diamonds & Gemstones.

These are expensive to produce and look great but are still man made. It is very difficult to know the difference between GL and Natural. Only under a microscope can you tell the difference. We do sell GL Stones but we clearly identify them in our Fashion Jewelry Collection.

4- Moissanite Diamonds - These are man made diamonds of very high quality and sell for $1,000 to $5000 . In fact they have more bling than diamonds from the mines. We do sell these in our Bridal Collection at discounted prices as a service to our customers with a small profit.

About Moissanite
Discover The Beauty Of Moissanite
Boasting fire, brilliance, and sparkles more than any gemstone on earth. MN unique
gemstone composition and crystalline structure give it significantly greater brilliance.
Moissanite is a man created Diamond of the highest quality that have a high cost of production. In fact they have more sparkle than regular diamonds and about the same hardness 9.25. ( No comparison to CZ at all )
Just like diamond, Moissanite is scratch resistant and will never fade, cloud or change color after prolonged wear.
Moissanite rings sell for thousands of dollars; check it out on the internet. 

 Example of a seller selling Glass and stating it is Moissanite